Updating windows 98 without an internet connection vb net call validating event

Configuring Windows XP for a PPPo E connection is as simple as creating a new connection using the New Connection Wizard.

Internet service providers that support industry-standard PPPo E server functionality will work with the PPPo E client supplied in Windows XP.

This provides the simplest configuration and works for most users.

If a specific service name is required, a service name can be configured on the General tab from the properties of the PPPo E connection.

A PPPo E service name is either an ISP name or a class of service that is configured on the PPPo E server.

There is no facility in the properties of the PPPo E connection that allows you to discover the service name.

By default, a Windows XP PPPo E connection has a blank service name.

When you click Connect to create a PPPo E connection, Windows XP attempts to connect using the blank service name.

If updated third-party components are not yet available, you can use the PPPo E client included with Windows XP as an interim solution to obtain Internet connectivity.You are not required to use the PPPo E support provided with Windows XP.However, if you want to use a third-party PPPo E component with Windows XP, please consult the PPPo E vendor to ensure that the version of the product you are installing has been updated to support Windows XP.Microsoft recommends that you use MS-CHAP v2, MS-CHAP, or CHAP for your authentication protocol.If your ISP supports one of these secured password authentication protocols and you want to ensure that PAP and SPAP are never used, select Require secured password under Validate my identity as follows using typical security settings on the Security tab from the properties of the PPPo E connection Problems with Third Party PPPo E Products PPPo E support in Microsoft Windows operating systems such as Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Millennium Edition is provided by third-party vendors.The type of access and choice of service are managed on a per-user basis, rather than a per-site or per-access device basis.The combination of PPP and Ethernet is known as Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPo E) and is defined in the Internet Engineering Task Force RFC 2516.Because Ethernet is inherently a shared access technology, it provides no such facilities.By combining the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) with Ethernet, an ISP can use Ethernet topologies and still maintain the individuality of user access as if they were using a dial-up modem.Acknowledgements Rob Trace, Program Manager David Eitelbach, Program Manager Introduction PPPo E Support in Windows XP How to Configure Windows XP for PPPo E Does my ISP Support Windows XP?Issues with Windows XP PPPo E support Summary Related Links Internet service providers (ISPs) that use broadband Internet access technologies deployed in a bridged Ethernet topology, such as cable modem or Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), need a way to distinguish individual users so that Internet usage can be accounted for, and, if appropriate, billed to individual users.

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