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There are 749 Muslim schools in Sri Lanka, 205 madrasas which teach Islamic education, and an Islamic university in Beruwala (Jamiya Naleemiya).Al Iman Schools in Colombo was the first Islamic school of its kind, teaching an integrated Islamic curriculum since 2008.The Sri Lankan Moors are native speakers of the Tamil language and follow Islam as their religion.Several genealogical theories point out that they belong to Tamil ethnicity and the majority of their ancestors were Tamils who had lived in the country spanning generations, and had simply converted to Islam from Hinduism.According to the controversial census of 2007, the Moors are 5% (only Moors, not the entire Muslim population of the eastern province).Their family lines are traced through women, as in kinship systems of the southwest Indian state of Kerala, but they govern themselves through Islamic law.Many defeated Moors refugees escaped from the persecution to the interior in central Sri Lanka.The population of Sri Lankan Moors significantly declined during the Portuguese colonial rule due to the pogroms against the Moors.

This view is held by the Sinhalese favoring section of the Moors as well as the Sri Lanka government which controversially lists them as a separate ethnic group.However, when the Portuguese arrived during the 16th century, many of their descendants now called the Sri Lankan Moors were mainly traders and merchants with spice trading networks spanning to the Middle East.The Portuguese colonists attacked, persecuted and destroyed the Sri Lankan Moor settlements, warehouses and trading networks.Their descendants, now the Sri Lankan Malays, adapted several Sri Lankan Moor Islamic traditions while also contributing their unique cultural Islamic practices to other Muslim groups on the Island.The arrival of Muslims from India during the 19th and 20th centuries has also contributed to the growth of Islam in Sri Lanka. Laffir mawatha stands as the headquarters of Fassiyatush Shazuliya Sufi order which is widely practiced all over the country.Osmania College was once a prominent educational institution for the city's Muslim community.According to a Jaffna Muslim source, there is a floating population of about 2,000 Muslims in Jaffna.Local Muslims had complained that the visitors were not teaching a moderate form of Islam.In modern times, Muslims in Sri Lanka are handled by the Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs Department, which was established in the 1980s to prevent the continual isolation of the Muslim community from the rest of Sri Lanka.Muslims of Sri Lanka, mostly from the Moor and Malay ethnic communities on the island with smaller numbers of converts from other ethnicities, such as the Tamils.The Sri Lankan Civil War was a 26-year conflict fought on the island of Sri Lanka between government and separatist militant organisation Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (the LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers).

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